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FeesCie 2019-2020


This is my second year in the party, and this year it is my job as chairman to keep an eye on whether everything that needs to be done and arranged is done on time, so that everything runs smoothly and we can offer you the best party experiences. to give! I am also a second year student of physiotherapy, I love to dance and of course I love to celebrate parties! If you see me at one of our parties, tap me! I'm always up for a chat ;)



Hey everyone, I'm Bart and I'm the treasurer of the party this year. Within the festival I make sure that all money matters are in order and that all beer has been paid for. Next door I am a 2nd year physiotherapy student and I play volleyball at Tamar.



Hey, my name is Brad. I drum in a band and an orchestra. I can also be found on the football field on Sunday morning. After 5 years of catering, I feel very much at home at Feescie and hope to make it a great year.



As secretary of the party I make sure that all meetings are kept up to date, and I would make sure that the agenda is always in order. In addition, like the rest of the party, I study physiotherapy. I really enjoy drinking beers and I can also be found on the rugby field! 

In the end I hope to be able to organize many more fun and enjoyable parties with you!

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