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SportCie 2019 - 2020

From left to right: Tim, Lana, Maaike and Tom

Tim :  This half-Greek serious dude can be found on the tatami mats during the week, the gym and on weekends he is occasionally on stratum for a drink and a chat. He is this year's Treasurer of SportCie and ensures that no one pays too much for fun and to stay fit.


lana :  As chairman, I naturally want to represent the sports committee well, which is why I really like sports. My favorite sport is skiing! In winter you can often find me in the Alps.  I am currently studying podiatry and after that I also want to continue with sports podiatry.

My goal is to let everyone enjoy sports, have fun new experiences together and above all have a lot of fun during all activities this year.

maaike :  I study physiotherapy and am now in my 2nd year. As secretary I keep everything up to date at a meeting and I jump in here and there where necessary. This way, all points remain clear after a meeting. I like a beer myself and I play volleyball in the student sports center. The goal is that the activities go well and that everyone has a good time!

Tom :  As the sports committee's external affairs commissioner, I will commit myself to the association and ensure that fun activities can be planned. I like to have fun and that usually includes a beer! I'm a big fan of skiing and if I have some time to spare I occasionally jump out of a plane and then 60 seconds later hopefully hang from a well-opened parachute.  As a Human & Technology student I may be in the minority but that will certainly not spoil the fun, many more may follow!

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