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EduCie  2019 - 2020

From left to right:  

Kenny : Hey! I am Keny, 18 years old and a second year MBRT student. This year I am the commissioner of the EduCie and with that I hope to organize various instructive and interesting guest lectures or workshops together with the rest. I really enjoy offering fellow students a different way of learning, which we can certainly learn from. So hopefully see you soon during one of our activities!  

jette :  Hi, I'm Jette, 25 years old, 2nd year student MBRT and I've been living in the cozy Eindhoven for 7 years now. Within the EduCie I fulfill the role of chairman. I hope to be able to make it a success together with the girls, where we can set up beautiful and interesting activities for our fellow students!

Daniel :  My name is Daniek and I am in the 1st year of the MBRT training. This year I am secretary of the education committee. I hope that we as a committee can organize many fun and educational workshops/guest lectures for you this year.

janneke :  Hi, I'm Janne. I am seventeen years old and I am now in the first year of MBRT training. I am the treasurer of the Educie this year and hope that we will organize fun activities for you!

Lonneke:  Hi! My name is Lonneke and I am a second year MBRT student! I am part of the EduCie this year. I like to organize activities because you can gain knowledge in a different way than usual!

Femke:  Hey everyone, I'm Femke and I'm currently in the second year of the MBRT training. I'm on the education committee this year because I really enjoy organizing things. I hope we can organize many fun and interesting activities for you this year!

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