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"Enterprise educational activities, sporting events and parties together"

Study association Corpus

Who are we?

The study association  consists of a board of 5 people, In addition, we have 3 committees that  are each responsible for their own activities.

What are we doing?

We organize educational activities such as guest lectures and  tape courses,  In addition, we organize sporting events such as a  football tournament, the Batavierenrace and a winter sport. We also organize all parties, drinks and our biggest activity the Gala!

What  is a study association?

A  student Association  is the Dutch name for a  Association  by  students  the same one  study  or specialization, or (sometimes) from students who are at the same  faculty  to study. Purpose: a study association provides students with services related to the study or direction, and to orientation on the labor market. The tasks of a study association can be roughly divided into three groups:

- Educational tasks: the study association supplies textbooks and practice exams, mediates in  internships  and tries, through consultation with lecturers and deans, to ensure that education is as close as possible to the students. 

- Increasing knowledge: in order to increase the knowledge of the students in the field of the study, from time to time there are  lectures ,  conferences , training and  field trips  organized. In addition, these activities also offer students the opportunity to better orientate themselves towards their future, and they can show how the theory is used in practice. Also, these kinds of activities can ensure that members can connect with companies and vice versa. 

- Social tasks: in order to get to know the fellow students better, periodic  drinks , parties, sports days, weekends and similar events. Depending on the atmosphere, traditions and size of the association, these activities can be very  student choice  be, or not.

Source: wikipedia. And no, you can't use it at school. But for now this gives some direction to what we do.

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